Project Description
A very fast C# vector graphic polygon rasterizer with sub-pixel accuracy anti-aliasing. This library is pure managed .NET and ready for .NET, MONO, Xamarin, Silverlight.

This rasterizer is based on the SunFire C# Vector Graphic Engine.


The following screenshot is taken directly from the demo application included in the source-code.

SunFire Vector Graphic Engine's rasterizer screenshot



  • Pure managed .NET
  • POCO (Plain-Old-C#-Object). This means the library is as portable as possible. It can be included in Microsoft .NET, MONO, SILVERLIGHT and XAMARIN. (note: the demo depends on GDI+ and Windows Forms, but the main library itself does not)
  • Sub-pixel accuracy anti-aliasing, producing pixel-perfect vector graphics.
  • True transparency.
  • Simple and intuitive API.
  • Uniform, linear gradient, and radial gradient fill.
  • Even-odd and Non-zero filling rule.
  • Affine transformation (scale, translate, rotate, skew) with stack-based matrix operations.
  • Vector-based clipping mask.
  • Gamma correction
  • Fast, direct-access pixel buffer. (This means pixel processing does not have to work around unmanaged hacks)
  • No need to constantly release resources. There is absolutely no unmanaged resource is involved. One can draw as much as needed and do not have to remember to dispose anything.
  • Picture-in-picture: one pixel buffer can have many logical views.


The SunFire C# Vector Graphic Engine has been developed since 2005 by THN Solutions LLC and designed by software architect Nguyễn, M. Hải. In 2014, THN decided to opensource version 2.0 of the polygon rasterizer module for educational purposes and for contributing back to the community.

Currently, we are secretly cooking a new programming paradigm that aim to help developers build cross-platform, cross-device applications in 1/10th the time. You might want to check out this productive programming framework.

Please feel free to give us a shout. We warmly welcome fellow tech people.


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